Astonish Me

28 Mar

I like my Fashion with a touch of rebellion, a dash of art, and a sense of depth. It seems that this sort of Editorial Spirit is a rarity in an American market over-saturated with celebrities and dating advice. Where a fashion spread can seem more like a commercial than a true testament to the gods of fierce. Just when I began to lose hope I stumbled into Astonish Magazine, or rather Astonish stumbled into me. It’s curious how the Universe works.

I am not easily impressed, I love fashion for reasons that get lost in a world of inhibitions. I dig its liberating power, kick ass energy, strong characters, and do or die attitude. Fortunately, the rookie publication and myself are on the same page. Based out of New York City and San Francisco, two major American cultural capitals, it’s no wonder that Astonish Magazine manages to bring artistic freedom to the forefront. This union of East and West coast style manifests with a distinctly European vibe. The creation of a visually driven publication with a penchant for poetry. Astonish is more than a trend bible, it’s a vision and a movement. Issue Zero “The Goddess Within”  just launched. Don’t merely take my word for it, check the revolution for yourself.



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